Sublime True Crime Podcast

Welcome to the Sublime True Crime Podcast

We are Dan and Elaine, the hosts of the Sublime True Crime Podcast.

Based in the North West of the UK, we are launching a new podcast covering UK crimes.

Just because true crime is a serious subject, it doesn’t mean that a podcast about it needs to be.

So we’ll be tackling the serious business of true crime with a light touch. 

We’d love for you to join us.

How to find the Sublime True Crime podcast.

Search for “Sublime True Crime” in your favourite podcast player, or visit Audioboom who host the podcast.

Alternatively find us on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes).

Solved cases, murders, sex crimes and more

Due to the subject nature, the podcast may not be suitable for everyone.

Although we do our best to be sensitive to the subject and the victims involved, we also feel that podcasts don’t need to be overly deep.

Fortunately, Elaine is far more sensitive than Dan, and thus acts as close to a moral compass as she can.

This also means that the episodes are not overly salacious or gruesome (unless it adds to the narrative!)

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Dan & Elaine - Hosts of the Sublime True Crime podcast
Dan & Elaine – Hosts of the Sublime True Crime podcast

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