Ep 8 – The Hatton Garden Heist

Described at the time as the largest burglary in English legal history, the gang that chose to rob a safety deposit company in London’s Hatton Garden went on to be called “Analogue criminals in a digital age” thanks in part to the elderly age of their members and their lack of awareness around modern policing techniques.  

Find out why one man in particular – described by co-conspirators as “wombat-think” – inadvertently led to the gang being captured.

Listen to the episode below:

The hole in the wall at the site of the robbery
The huge hole in the 7ft reinforced concrete wall, later discovered by police – Source: Met Police
Hatton Garden Heist robbers and their sentences – Photo: Daily Mail
Scenes after the Hatton Garden Heist robbery
Detectives were met with scenes of chaos – Photo: The Telegraph
Hatton Garden Heist members John Collins and Terry Perkins
Police got CCTV of Reader and accomplices John Collins (centre) and Terry Perkins (left) bragging about the heist in a pub – Photo: PA

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