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The Colourblind Killer – Ep 19

When a millionaire businessman wanted to “shake up” someone who had been upsetting his family, he hired a criminal on the cheap.

What could possibly go wrong in this case we’ve called “The Colourblind Killer”?

When a millionaire businessman wanted to “shake up” someone who had been upsetting his family, he hired a criminal on the cheap.

What could possibly go wrong in this case we’ve called “The Colourblind Killer”?

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Sublime True Crime - The Colourblind Killer Paul Glen
The Colourblind Killer

Paul Glen

Paul Glen was born in Blackpool in 1972. 

On 21st Feb 1989 aged just 17, Paul Glen and an accomplice planned to rob £5,000 from a local guest house owner called Ivor Usher. 

Believing the amount to be stashed in the safe, as the pair tied Usher to a chair, Glen lost his self-control, and bludgeoned the gay bachelor to death with a bar stool and a wrench.

He then set the building alight in an effort to cover his tracks, though obviously didn’t do a good enough job as later that year Glen was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was released in 2002 having served just 13 years. He moved to Hatfield Avenue, Fleetwood in the north west.

We’ll come back to Paul Glen shortly.

Paul Glen
Paul Glen

Millionaire Robert Lotts

Meanwhile, a couple of years later in 2004, Robert Lotts, 45, was a Cambridgeshire millionaire, described as a legitimate businessman “for the most part”

He was in the middle of a long-standing dispute that involved his three sons and a man who Lotts decided needed shaking up.  Not killed, by any means, but hurt badly enough that he would leave Lott’s kids alone.

The home of Robert Lotts
The home of Robert Lotts.

And although Lotts wasn’t used to hiring thugs to do dirty work like that, he had connections who could help in this manner: his brother-in-law and business partner, Wayne Wright, 45, and Victor Dark, 48.

Wright put him in touch with a murderer that he knew.  Somebody who had killed for money in the past.  A criminal with no connection to the Cambridgeshire area.  A man called Paul Glen.

Robert Bogle

A couple of hundred miles away from Glen’s home in Blackpool, Robert Bogle, a builder, was preparing dinner in his kitchen at home in Farcet, Cambridgeshire.

It was Tuesday 8th June 2004 and as Roberts prepared a bolognaise sauce for himself and his girlfriend, Angelina Walker, the relative calm was broken by a man at the back door.

Wearing a hooded top, overcoat and black gloves, the stranger kicked open the back door and entered the property brandishing a 12 inch kitchen knife. 

He walked over to Robert and immediately started stabbing him. 

Despite a desperate attempt to defend himself, Robert soon succumbed to 10 stab wounds to his hands, arms, cheek and heart.

Angelina fled to the living room in fear, throwing herself behind the sofa.

Struggling to keep his balance, and desperately fighting for his life, the 25-year-old victim made his way to the doorway in an attempt to get outside to summon help.

Leaving a trail of red handprints along the kitchen units, he managed to make it as far as the pavement outside. 

Robert Bogle - killed by the Colourblind Killer
Robert Bogle


A group of teenage girls were making their way along the street with a bag of chips at that very moment and were met by a frantic Robert who pleaded with them to call an ambulance.

One of the girls immediately called 999 from their mobile as Robert lurched on towards a nearby shop, banging on the windows before collapsing on the floor.

As the 14-year-old was on the phone to emergency services, others were desperately trying to stem the blood coming from the wounds.

In amongst the horrific scenes, the attacker calmly walked past, strolling down the alleyway that was adjacent to the house. 

Giving evidence

When they were giving evidence in court, one of the girls said:

[I was]… really scared by a large man who wore black gloves.  I thought. Why wear gloves in warm weather?

One of the witnesses in court.

Another said:

“We thought it was all a joke at one point because the other man just walked away like nothing had happened.”

Another witness in court.

The police were quick to capture the murderer.  Mobile phone records revealed that Paul Glen had been in Farcet at the time of the killing and had immediately travelled to Blackpool afterwards.

Delving deeper into Glen’s mobile, police found that in the run up to, and shortly after the murder, Glen had been speaking to local businessman Robert Lotts and his brother-in-law.

They quickly established that Paul Glen had been hired to do the job of putting the frighteners on the target: Vincent Smart. 

And in case you’re wondering why we haven’t heard that name yet, it’s because Paul Glen cocked up.


Glen was given the address where Vincent Smart was living. 

He managed to find the address correctly, but what he failed to do was any kind of research into the man he was supposed to be scaring off.

Ignoring the fact that Glen didn’t come close to “just” frightening the target, instead lashing out in a bloodthirsty slaying, he also managed to get the wrong man.

And if you’re thinking that could be easily done; Robert Bogle was black.  The target, Robert’s housemate, Vincent Smart, was white.

When he was pulled in for questioning, Glen was shown the evidence.  Not only did mobile phone data put him at the scene of the crime, but forensic evidence – mainly a shred of Glen’s skin under the fingernails of the murder victim, also placed him there.

Glen wasn’t having any of it, though.  Although he knew he was bang to rights on being there at the time of the murder, he told police that the murder had been committed by a man called Steve, but that he knew neither Steve’s surname nor address.

Steve, it seems, had arranged to meet Glen to transact a cannabis deal, and asked to meet at the house.  Glen agreed, later telling the jury in court that it seemed convenient.  He went on to say:

I’m a sucker for a hard-luck story – I don’t like to hear of people being subjected to violence or bullying.  I planned to take some cannabis round as a peace offering.  If I could reason with the guy, I’d sit down and reason with him. I was a peacemaker.

Paul Glen

But, as his story continued, he revealed that while he was upstairs looking for Smart, the mysterious Steve attacked and killed Robert. 

Glen continued:

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Steve going through the back door.  He [Robert] was trying to follow and I pulled him back.  He fell down on the floor and slipped.  The blood was everywhere on the floor – I stepped back and saw it all. 

He shot out of the door.  It was all over in a matter of seconds. 

I was there, but I didn’t stab him; I wasn’t alone.  That’s the truth.

Paul Glen
The crime scene where Robert Bogle passed away - Photo from Daily Mail
The crime scene where Robert Bogle passed away – Photo from Daily Mail

Paul Glen in court

But Glen’s story was ripped apart by the prosecution at Norwich Crown Court who pointed out that only one set of footprints were found, which forensics proved were Glen’s own size 10 Timberlands.

As barrister Rex Tedd QC put it:

Otherwise, this man, Steve, is not just a man with no surname, no address, no mobile phone – he is a man with no feet.

Barrister Rex Tedd QC

The trial lasted 5 weeks, during which Angelina – who had witnessed the brutal attack – had been so traumatised by it that she was unable to properly give evidence during the trial.

At the end of the trial the jury found Paul Glen unanimously guilty of murder.

Judge Sir John Blofeld declared that it was immaterial to consider a release date as Glen would never be freed.

Gathering together with family and friends outside of court after sentencing, Robert’s father, Linford, said:

It’s been very difficult.  My wife is only here in body, her spirit has disappeared somewhere.  We will never forget Robert.

Linford Bogle

Robert’s older brother Paul also commented:

He was a wonderful person.  It’s just a shame that he’s not here.  There isn’t anything I can say or do – He isn’t coming back.  […]  They say time is a great healer.  We’ll just have to test that theory for ourselves.

Paul Bogle

Glen, was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm by the jury, with the judge ordering that he serve nine years concurrently for it.

He was sent to Whitemoor Prison.

Victor Dark was cleared of both charges and of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Robert Lotts and Wayne Wright

Robert Lotts and Wayne Wright were both cleared of murder and conspiracy to murder. 

Both, however, had admitted conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

Robert Lotts was jailed for four years and Wayne Wright was handed a five-year sentence after he admitted conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Victor Dark was cleared of any offence.

Paul Glen’s appeal

In September 2005 Glen launched a legal bid to appeal his sentence. He argued to have the sentence reduced, but his claim was rejected on the basis that it was deemed fair as this was not only his second murder, but also his second time killing for profit.

Unperturbed by his lack of freedom, Paul Glen found other ways to occupy his time in prison.

Marriage to Paul Kelly

In February 2007 he married 41-year-old Paula Kelly from Liverpool in a small ceremony at the prison chapel, performed by a Catholic priest. What a way to get married in Whitemoor High Security Prison chapel.

Giving his home address as that of the prison and listing his occupation as builder, the wedding would have to remain unconsummated.

A month later, no doubt missing his new bride, Glen made an attempt to escape from prison. 

Along with fellow prisoners David Bieber (who killed PC Ian Broadhurst in December 2003) and Keith Stewart the trio aimed to hold guards hostage using a gun that had been smuggled into the prison. Actually smuggled in by one of the guests at Paul Glen’s wedding ceremony! This was orchestrated by Bieber

Their plan was to use hostages to negotiate a way out of the prison where they would then be picked up by a pre-planned getaway car.

Unluckily for them, prison officers caught wind of the plans and all three were thrown into solitary confinement before they could carry out their getaway scheme.

Paul Glen, the Colourblind killer, remains in prison to this day.

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